"Heather is a sage. She is firm, compassionate, visionary and relatable. She makes you want to change the world and be your best self at all times. No matter the position, if you want to lead, you'll want COR." Jessica Byrd, Owner, Three Point Strategies

Welcome to COR

What is COR?

COR helps develop more effective leaders, craft thoughtful strategies, and build productive corporate cultures.

We’ve all got core professional values, principles that guide our thinking and actions throughout our career. These are the constellation of things we think are important: what we should do all day, what we are ultimately pursuing, what matters.

The more what we do aligns with our core values, the better we operate as leaders, professionals, and organizations. The reverse is also true. The bigger the gap between our espoused values and the values we use in our work, the bigger the problems.

COR is all about closing gaps.

  • A leader wants to get better and move to the next level. But something is holding her back.
  • A department head is facing intense backlash and dysfunction among staff.
  • A Millennial wants to do amazing things with his life and career. But his managers aren’t able to give him a growth path.

COR principal Heather Kashner has deep, rich experience in business, politics, and development across multiple continents stretching back more than two decades. The quality and breadth of that experience guides her work bringing individual and organizational values into alignment to develop more effective leaders, craft thoughtful strategies, and build productive corporate cultures.

Cor is professional and business alignment. Align who you are with what you do.

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About Heather

Cor principal Heather Kashner is a thoughtful, passionate leader and executive coach with 20 years of achievement on 3 continents in the political, development and private sectors. Throughout her career, Heather has marshaled talented people and organizations to take advantage of transformative opportunities, from the rise of Home Depot, to the texting revolution in Uganda.

Heather is a strategic thinker and proven talent developer who brings individual and organizational values into alignment to tangibly improve performance. She has counseled millennial professionals charting their careers, managers maximizing performance in their departments, and heads of government navigating complex policy and political environments.

Heather founded COR to focus her skills and rich experience on developing dynamic, highly customized solutions for people and enterprises striving to improve their impact for their careers, customers, and communities.

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Great people and organizations sometimes falter and go off track. It happens more often than we’d like to think, and the reasons are hard to identify when you’re in the situation. If you are struggling to identify why you or your team aren’t achieving goals or adapting to new opportunities, COR can help.

COR uses a variety of methods from structured interviews to individual and group assessment tools. Our analysis will help you see what’s working and what needs work to get you back on track.

COR’s assessment work is customized to each client. Email to learn more.


From our mid-twenties, most of our time is spent working. For many, work shapes our mental and physical well-being, the quality of our relationships, our outlook on the world. As we move through life, what we want and need from our work will change many times. COR provides career coaching to make sure your work is helping to deliver the life you want. COR career coaching involves:

  • Building the skills you need to excel in the work you have.
  • Creating opportunities to help you move up or move on when your work isn’t meeting your needs.
  • Developing strategies and tools to maximize your work’s positive impact on the rest of your life.

Career coaching is available in 3 or 6 months packages with varying levels of intensity depending your specific needs. COR offers young professionals working to build their career and develop leadership skills an affordable 12 month package inclusive of assessment, career coaching, and leadership development.

Email to talk about a package that would be right for you.


According to business, political, and cultural publications from Harvard Business Review to Rolling Stone we face a global leadership shortage. Concerns abound about the availability of leaders to take on the complexity of today's world and the number of roles being vacated by retiring baby boomers in the years ahead.

The fact is, at some point, everyone is called upon to lead. The question is whether you are ready.

COR offers leadership diagnostics, coaching and/or training packages for individuals and groups to make sure you or your team members are ready. A variety of assessment tools can be incorporated into the package. COR offers young professionals working to build their career and develop leadership skills an affordable a 12 month package inclusive of assessment, career coaching, and leadership development.

Email to talk about a leadership development package that would be right for you.

Organizational Evolution

Adaptation is essential for an organization evolve, survive and thrive. But, even modest changes are hard. Whether it is setting goals, developing strategy, changing your work force, or improving communication, too many organizations fail to make it happen. Some fail to bring together the elements that enable adaptation. Others lose the core of who they are.

Whether an organization is able to adapt is determined by its culture; its ability to take in, share, and make decisions based upon data from diverse sources; and, its mobilization its people. Failure to align these elements results in failure to evolve, thrive, and survive over time.

COR supports organizations working to build a culture that enables evolution, create a capacity to sense, share and act on strategically relevant information, and engage employees around scenarios that motivate them adapt to their surroundings and possible futures for their organization.

If it’s time for you to evolve, email to see if we can help.

"I started with a dream on my dining room table. Because Heather Kashner helped me put the right people and processes in place, within two years my dream grew to a $3.4 million enterprise." -Connie Pillich, Attorney, Veterans Advocate, former Ohio state-wide candidate and legislator